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Do not trick people into trying vegan versions of food
Why? Let’s say you make some vegan chocolate chip cookies. (I looked a recipe up for the sake of this post). These cookies are made with almond milk. You have a friend that you’ve known for a few months now, and you think it would be nice to surprise them. So, you offer them one of th...
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I think it’s funny that vegans are portrayed as hyper-emotional and irrational when there are people who get inexplicably, seethingly angry about the most objective and scientific claims that people should drastically reduce their consumption of animal products. 
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Every time people start talking about how “some people can’t go vegan” I stop listening. We are very aware some people can’t go vegan, but we’re not talking to those people when we write these posts; we’re talking to you. If you genuinely can’t go vegan but you’re doing everything else in your...
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