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Little Things
One Direction  Little Things - Single
“Little Things” - One Direction (helium vers.)omg Louis’ voice...
gif Black and White music live Kai bw visual kei ruki the gazette Uruha aoi Reita GazettE rieshahello gif TOKYO DOME its more than just music sixth guns
Silent Falls (Gravity Falls Theme - Silent Hill Vers.)
Gravity Falls theme - Silent Hill vers.
giveaway exo tao Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho Kpop Giveaway sehun Luhan SHINee GIVEAWAY jongin Kris Chen yixing Kyungsoo baekhyun suho chanyeol xiumin exo giveaway
mike art dangan ronpa chihiro fujisaki aoi asahina sakura oogami feel free to edit however you want just dont claim as your own artwork :*
music puella magi madoka magica sailor moon Madoka Kaname Homura Akemi Sayaka Miki Madoka Magica kyouko sakura magical girl mahou shoujo pmmm fanmix 8tracks sayatastic most of this is pmmm im sorry
edit exo tao i'm sorry Luhan Lay Kris Chen xiumin ........... i dont even drink OTL so I'm sorry if it doesn't seem to make sense at all cz idek how those drinks taste like blame it to TVXQ's something that song makes me do this and i was going to compare kris with fanta so it would be wufanta i have a very weird sense of humor
me painting candles plants crystals buddha Spiritual Stones om jah-feel aloe vers
Infinite  60ì´? (Sunggyu + Infinite Vers.)
60? (Sunggyu + Infinite Vers.) Sunggyu: Left Ear || Infinite: Right Ear > u...
edit k exo 2k 4k overdose 3k okkk every song sorry i needed to express it ok luhan signing it in the m vers oh lord so awks if i got this wrong bc its nearly 1am k but how good did it sound wow except that one tribal one lmao ded ugh it sounds so good im- ing on this medley
welcome to night vale welcome to content wtnv cecilos pocecil cecil weenie palmer carlos the weenie scientist
homestuck philart calliope caliborn trollified slight outfit change for my vers of caliborn tho
salvador dali
Black and White exo bw exo m Luhan discolore edit
baby MY EDIT bap b.a.p zelo also hot damn choi junhong *1k but anyways it took my like half an hour to be able to post these because my internet was acting up sighs waht a frickin hottie his styling for this mv is better than warrior japanese vers most badman hairs and hurricane hair all put together ever since the teaser this morning all ive been ableto think about is junhong in a collar you didnt hear that fro me though *nervous laughter*
quote text rap quotes summer lyrics inspiration sunshine lied Casper Deutsch statement verse kraftklub sommer Sonne zitat zitate Deutsch Rap spruch sprüche deutschrap Wetter lyrik songtext vers deutscher blog Deutsches Zitat kein plan kein ziel
Fanart Teen Wolf Valentine's Day Sterek alphavenger stilinskisparkles officerstilinskihale zacksdoodles TAGS YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE THE ONE WHO WANTED FLUFF TO BEGIN WITH OSINKFLDS
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