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aaliyah vibe magazine November 2001 This is my favorite Vibe cover ever spiritual animal
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Feelin It
Jay-Z  Reasonable Doubt
Feelin’ It - Jay-Z
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gif legend of korra mako Pabu Bolin lok spoilers aww Bolin... reminds me of my relationship with my little sister I'm getting a brotherly issues vibe waits to see how this is explored later on
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gif amy poehler Tina Fey Maya Rudolph help me i have nothing to do my mom's travelling and I obviouslu am not less than nothinggg so I did this bc EVERYBODY LOVES AMY OK will tag only some people ok that's it I don't want to annoy you guys zero notes otp: This whole family vibe and everyone getting along well. it comes from you. otp: if I hit that price otp: we're not denying anything everybody loves amy
austin carlile of mice & men Alan Ashby of mice and men om&m omam my fab gifs austlan this interview is like a year old but w/e iDC IT'S STILL FUNNY OKAY ok enough tags sry okay now