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* iron man The Avengers Captain America Thor Marvel avengers Hawkeye black widow hulk 1000 notes i kind of love these tbh i have desktop background versions too
Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John - BBC One TV Trailer Her...
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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Official Trailer
robert downey jr. robert downey jr The Avengers Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth avengers Jeremy Renner scarlett johansson mark ruffalo i find it hilarious that RDJ is the oldest but he has the youngest version here also: i didn't know scarjo and mruff share the same birthday also also: mruff is a late bloomer
Robert Sheehan tmi the mortal instruments trailer Lily Collins clary fray City of Bones simon lewis *my edits tmi trailer City of Bones Trailer
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* anime Makoto Shinkai Edit: Gif the garden of words Kotonoha no Niwa i watched the subtitled trailer after capping the original raw version and i was impressed with how accurate my predictions regarding the story were...the age gap is pretty significant and the animation is a little too photorealistic for my liking but shinkai handles slice of life better than his original but convoluted science fiction stories so we'll see how this project pans out
9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe
The Avengers Thor loki hiddles Tom Hiddleson thor 2 thor the dark world thor 2 the dark world Tom Hiddleston fanfiction Loki fanfiction thor 2 trailer Thor Trailer Thor The Dark World Trailer thor tdw loki fanfic thor the movie i though thus was fitting bc thor 2 trailer just came out love me some old school loki loki smut tom hiddleston fanfic
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~ game of thrones got thoros!!! and the lord's kiss oh man
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The Avengers - Blu-Ray Trailer (HD)