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Female Portrayals in Video Games
Recently Overwatch released a new character, citing complaintsof a lack of ‘body diversity’.  Now, Idon’t like the character but that’s for a variety of reasons and that’ll becoming at a later date.  No, what really botheredme was this argument and the implications for a common trend in representati...
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“fake gamer girl” because i would totally spend 60 bucks on something i don’t want just so i can impress a boy and his penis 
List of Free Horror Games
Here’s a list of free horror games that you can play online or download! 1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg [Indie/Action/Adventure] 5 Days A Stranger [Indie/Adventure] 6 Days A Sacrifice [Indie/Adventure] 7Days [Indie/Adventure] 7 Days A Skeptic [Indie/Adventure] A Life Ruined [Indie/Survival] Alice...
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When we came to make Zombies, Run!, I deliberately put a line in the very first mission, when you, Runner Five, are just arriving at Abel To...
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Game idea: You play as a humble peasant who must fight off waves of adventurers who feel entitled to just waltz into your house and loot whatever they please.
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