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Gender violence is one of the world’s most common human rights abuses. Women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be...
  • Me:So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl's hair...
  • Students:He likes her!
  • Me:Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
  • Students:That is just how boys are.
  • Me:Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and--
  • Students:Oh, that's not okay.
  • Me:Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children's lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
  • Students:Oh.
  • ...
Those who say “violence isn’t the answer” or “violence never solves anything” are the ones whom never were colonized, never raped, never mad...
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Okay, seriously? There are literally 36 threads on reddit linking to this blog, and for a site that claims not to support harassment, there sure are a lot of people from the past week (before any other articles appeared) making tumblr accounts to send one message: Once again, Black people in partic...
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One young woman, who got in a heated argument with a men’s rights activist at a protest in Canada, was subsequently dubbed as “little red fr...
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In addition to the victims of today’s bombing in Boston, please keep the 55 victims of today’s bombing in Iraq in your thoughts. 
a pack of ladies who don’t care for the heavy amounts of bro culture in the so-called “western literary canon” tear ernest hemingway limb from limb
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"if you feminists want equality does that mean you think it’s cool if men hit women?" how about 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence you giant dookie. how about men already do hit women. how about domestic violence is the no.1 cause of injury to women between ages 15 & 44. how about i...
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steampunk fashion tip: hot glue a pocket watch to your fucking eye. just fucking do it you piece of shit