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I just realized that on the night Voldemort failed to kill Harry as a baby, there would have been three dead bodies in the Potters’s house in Godric’s Hollow. James’s, Lily’s and Voldemort’s. It never occurred to me before that Voldemort’s body would have had to b...
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Meus o-nariz-do-voldemort
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On this day, May 2, 17 years ago, Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort.
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modern au where instead of dark marks voldemort just mass texts the skull emoji to summon the death eaters.
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when you talk to people make sure you’re boldemort put on a sweatshirt or you’ll get coldemort make sure your laundry is foldemort all that glitters is not goldemort make jokes so people can loldemort throw out your bread before it gets moldemort live life to fullest even when you are oldemort don’t...