• wakeing up next to him •
love funny kissing boyfriend girl Him hot you bed kiss Legs lovely boy guy girly making out make out miss makeout palms wake up miss him my one and only lovestory his parents girlythings next to him not his bedroom love137 wakeing up next to him
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Fanart dragon age dragon age inquisition abelas i messed up his armor so bad and idgaf i want him to be in trespasser ok i want him to be in the next game pls bioware make abelas a LI/companion i rly need it to happen
mygif b.a.p yongguk bang yongguk G:BAP g:yongguk colorgif LOE2014 300000 miles
gif otp exo Kai babies Kris chanyeol krisyeol and meanwhile poor kai is just tearing up but chanyeol goes to comfort kris so fucking qt he goes behind kai so he can stand next to kris weeping tears of blood
woke up next to you
dragon age zevran spicyshimmy dragonblogging at least there will be a reason why we don't get to see him in inquisition if he doesnt show up
exo Kris Sabsgifs and gets slapped because i love him can he be the cocky brother who picks up the girls can we add that in the drama i hope this really happens not too hard though really want to see him get slapped that would be epic
mine Niall ngif surprised harry wasnt there stumbling over himself to help him
Trying to wake up next to you instead of a text from you
Robin Williams everydaycomics in memory tohdaryl christopher reeves
Teen Wolf *graphics stiles stilinski lydia martin martinski 'what is that greek?' in all seriousness though i am really excited to see their relationship next season lydia helping him they way she wanted to be helped goodbye friends (side note: i should recycle the cyan/magenta otp for a while)
Today, I fucked up... by thinking my cat wanted to sleep next to me
I woke up less than an hour ago to hissing and barking. I then heard my bluetick coonhound jump down from the bed and felt the tabby cat run up my spine and sit on my head. (Normally, my dog and cat will compete for bed real estate to be closer to my face/head. Usually, it is a rather quiet event. )...
You’re a worrier. You worry about that test days after you took it. You worry about that guy from two years ago who broke your heart a...
1k 2k Next to Normal catch me if you can aaron tveit mine: other /throws confetti a selection of my favourite of aaron's role the oscars wowowow and graceland and les mis and 54 below and yeah howl is on there twice because it's just that good anyway sir you are a gem queue him up and watch him go
robert pattinson jimmy fallon bovvered those were glorious times
Today, I fucked up... by farting next to my dog
So tonight the wife made Italian lasagna with garlic bread, it was delicious to the last bite. 2 large glasses of milk to wash it all down and I was ready to pass out for the night. I had just fed the puppy and she was finishing up her food as I plopped down onto the couch. I was laying facing towar...
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