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It’s all explained in the link better but long story short, Eft and I need to get out of our abusive homes. Eft’s family is literally at poverty level, and my family is...
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Reason why The Desolation of Smaug will be the best movie ever: drunk elves
reading a good fanfic that suddenly has smut in it
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when people really like me and think i’m nice and then they actually get to know me and i can practically feel them go ‘oh.’ 
If you could warn someone who was just meeting my character about something what would it be?
I can’t comment on it, just post it.
So um, BIG FAT WARNING: If you’re on the Cloud, don’t installed Flash CC 2015 just yet. Dual monitor setups are screwed. This is what happensThe squiggle is drawing with a mouse. The lines….with a tablet pen on a Cintiq 22HD.Mine’s is not a unique problem (other people on the internet have re...
Joss Whendon says Avengers 2 will not have a happy ending, Guys I think hes trying to warn us about ...
Send me a ? and I'll handwrite your url.
find out your friend has a tumblr find out it’s a hipster blog
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Prince art Here you go smartasses