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When writing female warrior characters, learn from Xena.
You know what Xena never did? Say she wasn’t like other girls. Put down typically ‘feminine’ skills Say that her enemies ‘hit like a girl’ or mocked them by saying ‘they got beaten by a girl.’ Judged other women by their preferences or lifestyles. Xena was strong not because she was like a man, but ...
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Describe Xena: Warrior Princess in 2 Gifs
The Sleeping Warrior fandom
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Tumblr scares me.I’m not just exaggerating, Tumblr is really scary.All of these kids, easily offended, self-diagnosing, intolerant, hateful.This is the future generation.
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What’s your secret Warrior life? BIRTH SIGN Aries - ThunderclanLeo - ThunderClanSagittarius - ThunderClan Cancer - RiverClanScorpio - RiverClanPisces - RiverClan Taurus - ShadowClanVirgo - ShadowClanCapricorn -  ShadowClan Gemini - WindClanLibra - WindClanAquarius - WindClan BIRTH MONTH Januar...
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