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Graphic tutorial
umm, i know i said(in my faq) that i don’t make tutorial(s) and idk lol ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here i made a tutorial how to make this, here two ex. THIS and THIS: *English isn’t my native language so i’m sorry for my mistakes *I made this tutorial and was in photoshop at the same tim...
One Direction ** ot5 who we are 1k** who we are ps
edits edit3 ps Key onew shinee 1000 jonghyun taemin minho edit:shinee gfx 2000 ps* lol idk era:misc gfx:shinee
my gifs ps ubykotex carmilla u by kotex elise bauman carmillaseries SavedCarmilla
me fat chubby Plus size fatshion ps blogger outfat Tory butch Isaac mizrahi for target
Zayn Malik photoshoot mine Zarry zedit where we are ps where we are bts
gif 1k mine twedit effingstiles usercrystalreed 4 TYPOS I ALMOST CLOSED PS
1k suho doedit creations** after a long long time i finally made an edit haha but ps and me we aren't friends sooo.... gp: exo
1k sherlock holmes jim moriarty SherlockEdit Sheriarty the game is on otp: i felt we had a special something how does ps even work? sherlock special shspesh sorry im just that bad now back to study expect other stuff later
1k sherlock holmes jim moriarty SherlockEdit jimlock Sheriarty the game is on otp: i felt we had a special something how does ps even work? friendly reminder that sherlock flirted with jim too because their relationship is mutual
comics yo what gives i can't draw but we will ignore that ps this is my dream animals aren't allowed in my building like whatever a baby lives downstairs now they're as smelly and loud as a small dog/cat
Sherlock, don’t even try to deny you weren’t staring at John’s arse… But the the best thing is how he quickly deactivates his arse scanner as soon Mrs. Hudson looks at him, like: SHERLOCK YOU SLY DOG
louis tomlinson 1k quote eleanor calder ps elounor Elounorstuff
1k graphics niam ;-; heyniamsedits ps skills sucks graphics sucks
blurryface mashup
twenty one pilots cover 
i’ve always said i wanted to cover all of blurryface so here we go
1k harry potter Daniel Radcliffe film MY EDIT philosopher's stone ps hp ss sorcerer's stone devon murray seamus finnigan hpedit
tom hiddleston hiddlesgif hiddlesedit emille and ps heard bout the 2mb limit for 500px and i had to see it for myself also lmao at the guy on the right
harry potter Hermione Granger Emma Watson idek mine: HP by acidflashbacks i finally had time to open PS and i just learned how to use gradient maps