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  • Hurricanes:
  • North:Holy shit Hurricane Sandy is coming. BUY ALL THE BREAD! CLOSE ALL THE PLACES.
  • South:Shut the fuck up it's a category 1.
  • Snow:
  • South:3 inches of snow?! Fuck it all. We're done. Game over. Never leaving my house again.
  • North:30 inches of snow? Get your ass in school. It's just frozen water.
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  • Morning:HOLY SHIT its freezing.
  • Afternoon:Who the fuck set the earth on fire.
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Sydney's Weather right now...
How Australians would dress: How One Direction dress:
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pop punk the wonder years hoodie weather
the local weatherman dressed up as harry potter for halloween and he’s using his wand to point and he’s trying to do the weather in a british accent i am so fucking done