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Set Up: Get a group of friends. You will need 5+ people. Get in a room/area with lights that can be flicked on and off with relative ease. It should be relatively dark when the lights are off. Print off a Weeping Angel mask. Give this to one person. One other person must be standing at the light swi...
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Facts About Angels
Okay, so I’m just going to try to catalog what things are in the canon about the Weeping Angels. This is interesting to me, because they only have three storylines/ 4 episodes. It’s not like they’ve been developing over decades, or have dozens of hours of on-air history or anything...
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Words you will never hear a One Direction member say: “Hey, could you pull up an extra chair?”
if weeping angels only move when you’re not looking, then nobody has ever seen the way they move… so for all we know, they could skip or twirl or aggressively chicken dance toward a person, just really quickly…
What if the reason John Green never blinks is because there is a Weeping Angel behind the camera?
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only came to the realization now that if the Statue of Liberty is a weeping angel guess what other country is also fucked?
If a Weeping Angel has two shadows, do you keep staring or run?
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