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i mean G Dragon Seungri daesung taeyang shirtless t.o.p but mainly BB:gifs mybigbangedit there are several things i do not understand why did they put TOP as the pretty-beaches promo guy when having him as the resident resident alien be the one to ski on the moon would have made SO MUCH MORE SENSE - not to mention if YB was doing the beach promo he'd totally have been rolling around in the water with water droplets slowly running down his torso and fabulously flipping his wet mohawk away from his eyes what a waste of ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES
mine louis *5k wet louis 070614 his body makes me weep how his shirt is clinging to him it's a fucking sin the tum i feel lightheaded
pop Italy 5k europe e 6.7 wet direction wwa pics wwa louis wwa niall wwa liam wwa harry wwa zayn
m 1000 m: zayn malik e! m: one direction wwatour wwa:edits
I can’t deal with wet One Direction How BACK BACK BACK is this acceptable? Zayn looks like he’s in a fucking perfume advert. just no. the clingy t shirt is not fair
my gif 1k One Direction Zayn Malik 1D MY EDIT 5k 1k* zm* IMA CRY zm** 5k* wet zayn
One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D edit Zayn turin wwa tour wet zayn
One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D edit Zayn turin wet zayn
mine louis *1k wet louis 070614
One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D edit Zayn bern wwa tour wet zayn
Wet Harry singing his solo during You & I - Berne, 04/0...
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