• whY are passionfruit flowers so complicated RIP •
My art Haikyuu!! Karasuno kagehina asanoya daisuga tsukkiyama (i secretly drew them in my fav pairs) whY are passionfruit flowers so complicated RIP hq fruit fairies
Every fandom’s got that trash character that everyone makes fun of but secretly everyone’s in love with him
own oh yeah but no theon greyjoy fun fact that's why why do all my graphics start with 'ugh' i'm supposed to work on these tywin requests and then a catelyn one perhaps theon greyjoy has to be this stupid character who makes me feel all these stupid feelings he's like the perfect graphic material why are you so complicated you're human THAT'S ACTUALLY MY HAND and i took that picture and can you see how the waves crash into each other yeah that's cool
breakfast Strawberries blueberries healthy food snack mango passionfruit smoothies
doctor who amy pond river song things i made don't mind me I just have Ponds feelings at the moment
the walking dead game twdg my art durrr idk the tag w/e thIIS TOOk em a while collpaes im so glad;;; its done tumblr makes everyTHING SMALL CL Ick why does eevy other cuckign character wear a stupid baseball cap they are so ahrd to draw rip
funny gif infomercials
nintendo RIP arino iwata WHY MAN ;~;7 Gamecentre CX
my gifs MY EDIT Demon!Dean spn spoilers ahhhh i wanna share this so bad why is this being complicated
gif 1k Harry Styles One Direction MY EDIT i love you vevo lift why why why why why you are so hot?
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LOL Illustration death art funny cute life kawaii pencil fun flowers uk dead joke RIP Character Circle of Life eternal rest in peace United Kingdom artists on tumblr selfie death is inevitable Harry Mckenzie Relax Is Priority SO RELAX
kuroshitsuji sebastian michaelis black butler gyaa Book of Circus kuroshitsuji book of circus
supernatural sam winchester Jared Padalecki Mine 4 supernatural 7 sam winchester 2 god my tags are complicated uiashj so i opened a random episode and giffed a random scene all the puppy face tho i wanna run my hands through his hair omfg
flowers june 2015 Book Photo Challenge books and cupcakes there are so beautiful flowers in our garden
RIP come back to me mitch lucker godammit why did you have to leave
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Why stoner girls are fucking awesome:
They blaze everyday, they give zero fucks about being popular, they dress comfortably and still look bomb, they’re down to just kick it and watch tv all day, they listen to good music, they know where the party is at, you can have a deep conversation with them and share dirty jokes a second later, t...