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1k mine 5k game of thrones hp what have i done 10k jon snow but i had to mine: HP mine: got hpedit I'm so sorry for this gotedit i had that textpost in my head the past few day's i cound't resist this is the stupidest thing i ever made
Please remember that for as stoic and noble as Jon is now, he once covered himself in flour and pretended to be a ghost to scare his younger siblings. This has been a reminder.
  • Jon Snow:You have your mother's eyes.
  • Harry Potter:You must be Ned Stark's bastard.
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  • GOT Producers:Jon Snow is dead.
  • Fans:No.
  • Producers:He was stabbed six times. He's dead.
  • Fans:Nope.
  • Producers:He bled out in the snow. It's done he's gone.
  • Fans:Was his body burned? What happens to the bodies in the North when they aren't burned? How many characters have died and been magically resurrected? Is Kit Harrington still alive? Can Kit Harrington still act? Do you really think you can just make us believe he's dead?
  • Producers:.....
  • Fans:......
  • ...
For those people worried about Jon Snow...
The cold never bothered me anyway.
1k like ugh ~~ game of thrones stuff2 i idk man jon snow just or just games2 aryastarking JON SNOW GRAPHICS ALWAYS COME OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE I DON'T PLAN THIS SHIT IT JUST HAPPENS AND IT'S LIKE SHOULD I FIND A QUOTE? AND I CAN NEVER FIND ONE THAT ISN'T OVER USED i sort of love/hate this bc like idk anyway i picked one of the saddest jon snow quotes
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