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1. There aren’t enough of them. 2. I’m not dating one.
Racist Racism race veg White supremacy vegans white vegans white supreacist
did yuo kno that eating too many yams will turn you into a yami
To the vegans who wake up every morning.
Still committed to the animals Still committed to the food Still committed to the earth Still committed to making a difference I’m proud of you, keep doing what you’re doing.
when people tell me that they don't eat breakfast
how come its “you are what you eat” why can’t it be “you are what you read” THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER i don’t know about anyone else but i would much rather be a boy wizard than a piece of broccoli
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I think the vegans and the meat eaters should kiss to break the tension.
“Isn’t that high in calories?” “You’ve been eating a lot lately” “That food is unhealthy, isn’t it?” “Wow that is a lot of peanut butter” “Wow you eat a lot of fruit! That’s a lot of carbs”
art Black and White you are what you eat handstyles i AM pizza
I hate militant vegans!
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Vegans get 90 percent of their daily protein by telling people they are vegan
vegan veganism vegans bloodmouth come on that is such a fucking cool title for us carnivores