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my gifs q tom hiddleston Thor loki because you always want what you can't have don't you and if you can't have it no one can you just wanted to be the son of odin to be thor's equal to be worthy of the throne whether you had it or not but at the end of the day you were just another stolen relic locked up there until odin might have use of you you could never have been who you wanted to be no matter what you did because you were born the son of laufey and will always be the son of laufey (JFC THE AMOUNT OF TIMES THAT SECOND GIF ERRORED DURING UPLOAD) (SMACK THIS BITCH UP)
game of thrones Mine~ i want to DIE i hate you both so fucking much gotedit jon x robb otp: will you look the same when i meet you up there? gotjonsnow gotrobbstark idkidkdidk what this is
harry potter mine draco malfoy Narcissa Malfoy hpedit the malfoys idk what this is tbqh
am i the only person who saw this when he tweeted that pic
Tumblr started a petition to shut down 4chan -slowly covers face- guys…..
times when harry’s voice made me want to curl up in a ball and sob
I don't want anyone to take you away from me.
cute charity teacher school class help family vote children kids babies free grant Preschool TeacherLee play-to-learn
mine Teen Wolf tv: teen wolf m:gif *tw erica reyes gage golightly m:twgif n: mil ch: erica reyes gifsperiments with erica reyes aka nell completely loses her shit at one am with a stupid amount of paper textures and a quote from an essay on women's sexual liberation that i wrote when i was fifteen this is a complete trainwreck of a gifset omfg tw: i just don't want to die any more gifsperiments with teen wolf gifsperimentation *fancy
mine Home 1000 mine2 huhu Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit i just had to make one with the voiceover because i die from feels what are you looking for? we both want the same thing the enchanted forest is your home mine is the jolly roger you traded your ship for me? aye i can't take the chance that i'm wrong about you i trust him huhu do you ever cry because of how far they've come and how they finally have what they've searched for all their lives happiness and love and home... with each other
shrimp are referred to as an abomination four times more than homosexuality is in the bible
mystuff naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha Naruto Shippuuden shitty gif but whatever that's what happens when you want to make a gif out of 60 frames in other news: this fight breaks my heart everytime i see it just talk it out guys instead of trying to fuck each other up i mean sasuke trying to fuck itachi up itachi is half blind and fatally ill but still wins a+ person
rape oc Scar sexual assault tw: rape PTSD anniversaries traumaversary
Paul McCartney john lennon hq lennon mccartney you can say what you want but this is so not heterosexual to me leather everywhere
hart of dixie zoe hart rachel bilson 1000 !Mine zade wilson bethel wade kinsella godamnit wade; PREACH FOUR FOR YOU dafkjhdakfhdfs
pokemon vocaloid puella magi madoka magica magi tiger and bunny one piece gintama fate zero kuroko no basket
my posts mygif emma thompson emma:mine when I doubt I watch this video and I just praise the universe for inventing emma thompson just watch this ok this is also a message to all of you from me ahah she's the actual best I'm sorry but my fave is better than yours
mine stefan salvatore tvd caroline forbes bonnie bennett alaric saltzman tvdmeme damon x salvatore elena x gilbert tvdedit SOMEONE TAKE THIS SHOW AWAY FROM ME NO THIS ISNT PAINFUL AT ALL