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1k mine fob fall out boy joe joe trohman joetro yeah idk what else to tag this sorry i'm sure it's been giffed already but whatever
1k mine les mis les miserables les amis mylesmis I MAKE MYSELF SAD poor bbs urgh i dont know what else to tag this as whatever
mine James Franco Graphic Dave Franco i don't really know what to tag this as i mean i sharpened it but that's it the pictures were to low quality to do anything else whatever i'll just tag it as graphic
gross/// idk what else to tag this???
do you see this color right here?  this color’s hex number is #4bec13 that is all
mine knb idk how else to tag this haikyuu free! sports anime
1k mine sai Sakura Haruno naruto sd saisaku *mc narutographic uh whatever else there is to tag *mc:nsd
as much as everyone should be talking about the UC shootings and creating an online discussion about misogyny and gun control, please don’t forget that there was a shooting at a jewish museum in brussels today too.
* ** klaine glee brittana finchel idk what else to tag this as
* ** glee idk what else to tag this as
klaine glee idek what my life is anymore should i even tag this? why nootttt~ idek what else to tag this as so yaaayy
* disney 5k frozen gr: gif disney frozen umm idk what else to tag this lol
my gifs my girls animal collective I don't know how else to tag this
no one fucking tells you this so here it is:when signing out forms to apply for disability / filling out a form for diagnosisyou’re supposed to fill it out as you on your worst dayslike, I filled out forms that said I could do most things usuallylike, my doctor added in the conditions like “yeah, th...
Ppl be like “ I want an actual male gem, not just Steven.”Jeez, it’s like having only one character to represent your whole gender in a group composed all of another gender is a bit upsetting huh?
1k q idk what else to tag this as Dear White People dear white people movie
sherlock holmes gif* Randy elementary Joan Watson marcus bell YES HIM Jamie Moriarty idk what else to tag uh nothing past that will count but whatever I WANTED TO ADD MRS HUDSON BUT SHE DOESNT HAVE A FIRST NAME and ''son of hudd'' sounds so lame maybe ill do another with sebastion hudson mycroft and um the dude sherlock is the sponser for sorry for the long tags wow this sucks i havent gif'd in months ughh THIS IS SO HIDEOUS AND BIG I'M SO SO SORRY
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester 5k 500px spnedit deanedit mygif: spn i wasnt gonna post this but whatever i have nothing else to post