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My Friend's Wheelchair Was Stolen Today
My friend had his wheelchair stolen today.  You can read his story here. His friends have started a fundraiser to help him raise the money to get a new chair.  You can help by donating here.  Every little bit helps!  If you can’t afford a donation at this time, you can help by spreading t...
Help Me Get A Wheelchair!
Hi there!I’m a young art student in need of some mobility aids. Due to the layout of my campus, I have to either walk or rely upon a bus system to get to class. I use a cane, but as my knees deteriorate (I have no cartilage in them and a misaligned bone structure) I’m finding it more and more painfu...
What bothers me is when I say, ‘I can stand’ and my would-be helper stares at me with shocked disbelief. What, a person in a whe...
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Most people look at the word “disabled” and assume it means “less able.” It doesn’t. It means “prevented from functioning.” When I turn the ...
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IZ- fashion for wheelchair users
“We believe wheelchair users should have access to the same styles and trends everyone else has, without ever having to compromise comfort.Our clothing has signature cuts and styles to fit a seated body shape, falling and draping naturally without interfering with wheelchair mechanics. We use top-qu...
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Odds are that if there’s something that I love, I’ve accidentally run over it. My feet, my friends’ feet, my family’s feet, my hand, my clothes, my laptop, my textbooks, my dog’s tail, the president of my college…
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