• wheezes for breath these two fucks are destroying my health •
art is hard haikyuu Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi breaks down daisuga i'M N oT OK hq!!: fanart wheezes for breath these two fucks are destroying my health
mygifs jason momoa Khal Drogo Don't Steal ronon dex just remember men's health uk as you might tell there are watermarks with my abbreviated tumblr name because some fucks HAVE stolen my work so if you even think about stealing these I'll cut your belay/repel rope the next time you go rock climbing got it? get it? good.
:) my gifs star wars I NEED IT usm sw edit star wars rebels space married hera syndulla kanan jarrus kanera swrebelsedit otp: there's a lot you don't know about my ship swrgif usmcurrentotps these two are slowly destroying my sanity atm i hate using the term 'married' for my ships but that pretty much describes kanera her calling him 'dear' and 'love' gives me life GIVE ME ALL THE KANERA CUTENESS AND ANGST NEXT SEASON i sense a s1 rewatch in my not so distant future
pokemon kecleon safe for fart fandom fucks rabbit skump these fuckers are super cute woweee
free! reigisa starrien my blog is turning into these two im so sorry i'll draw something else tomorrow : - ) maybe ccough
fitblr fitspo health confidence motivation weight loss healthy fit fitspiration college fitblr health blogger college health blog college health blogger
My art my doodles makoharu gabbiegallery quiet moments in tokyo are precious for these two
MY EDIT exo Luhan YOU CANOT WHY??? WHEEZES.....;A; too much feels for your UNFFF hair
glee Darren Criss chris colfer otp: you take my breath away dumb fucks what is wrong with you
gifs otp sehun Luhan ;n; hunhan wheezes HUNHAN!!!!! this is one of my favorite moments of them i swear they are so cute together
homestuck God Tier god tiers got tiger homestuck god tier
goodbye mine idk okay If you're a bird I'm a bird ahhh because husbands i suck otp: id marry you harry but here i am i hate making gifsets of multiple videos i just love these two fucks and talking to hannah about them just gets me emotional otp: you make me strong otp: so baby be with me so happily otp: my hand your hand tied up like two ships im stressed im going to be sad if this doesn't hit 1k i worked over 3hrs i kept getting tumblr error *errors it was too much for the system their love is too intense i should stop typing and just publish it but im nervous
Fanart crossover free haikyuu kageyama tobio nanase haruka yowamushi pedal imaizumi shunsuke sports animes are destroying my life shounen for life
harry potter fred weasley george weasley hp mine* graphic* hpedit picspam* weasleys wizard wheezes
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harry potter fred weasley george weasley myedit 1k* hpedit weasleys' wizard wheezes
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1k my gifs Gossip Girl ed westwick Leighton Meester q chair chuck and blair ggedit chairedit lmeesteredit gossip girl edit that text post describes them so perfectly it just screamed chuck and blair for me so i kind of had to make this 'and i assure you i will ship it until my dying breath'- true these two idiots ruined me forever lmao
YouTube won’t let you skip the trailer for Unfriended
For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t until I was forced to watch the trailer), “Unfriended” is a paranormal horror movie about the ghost of a girl who commits suicide after being cyberbullied. (basically.)The trailer is framed initially with web searches of “Laura Barns” with various autoco...