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my gifs Billy Crystal favoritemovies meg ryan when harry met sally gif: when harry met sally perfect movie ;___;
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I hate it when you just randomly get hit with crippling embarrassment over something you did years ago and you’re writhing with your hands over your face trying to tell the memory to go away omg shut the fuck up
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When I first met you, I never imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you. I never thoug...
What if when the kids met the trolls
they discovered they were actually all really small
gif Disney Channel that's so raven thats so raven Raven Baxter when 6021 met 4267
when i meet someone who ships all the same pairings as me
The medias are talking a lot about hero Sally Ride passing away (and what a phenomenal woman she was indeed, wow), but none of them are mentioning that the woman who shared her life for 27 years, Tam O’Shaughnessy, will get no widow benefits from the States like astronauts’s spouses usua...
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Reblog if you're a Tumblr Directioner that hasn't met the boys yet.
Raise your hand if you still haven't met One Direction.
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That awkward moment when you're honestly proud of an actor you've never met for not accidentally bur...
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