• which is the real danger to society •
love born this way gay LGBT society lgbtq love is love homophobia lgbt rights homosexuality human rights discrimination lgbt pride same love lgbtq rights Gay Rights are Human Rights homophobia is wrong homosexuality leads to love and families homophobia leads to discrimination and violence which is the real danger to society
1k my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester no one knows spnedit tuesday sam spam m: majestic moose m: wuvs hugs hope this fits the bill for what you were looking for anon! also you know how when you look at a word too long it loses meaning? the word 'drunk' no longer looks real to me is it a real word or did i just imagine it also i liked making this because the show always focuses on dean's drinking but sam's drinking has been getting worse and worse as the show goes on too especially when dean is dead or in danger
manu bennett arrowedit felicity smoak emily bett rickards Slade Wilson talk shit ln is trying to do stuff and things GET HIT i like how felicity is 'the real danger' it should her nickname when team arrow is on mission from now on
society justice sexism bias feminism Rich Favorism
sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch john watson his last vow
gif * sherlock sherlock holmes television Benedict Cumberbatch s2 a scandal in belgravia SherlockEdit *SH adlock ughadler snogboxes people like to talk about john being 'jealous' in this episode which is so fuckign stupid because this is the one episode where john really has to actually care about sherlock and does 'do you think tonight's a danger night?' 'she's in america' 'please tell him you're alive' john was actually the bestest bro in this episode sherlock's face after he shuts the door though I can't
1k my edits LOTR gandalf Sam Frodo fotr lotredit lotrgifs tolkienedit kindlywestnet dwarrowdamned i'm not feeling the greatest which is the perfect time to gif this iconic scene that so many before me have giffed it is a real stunning shot tho
rape feminism rape culture anti feminism
my gifs disney Idina Menzel frozen elsa the look on her face while staring at her reflection and realizing she's the real danger is so heartbreaking
homestuck apple talks this is the number one source of frustration for me bc i never know which one someone is referring to thanks to this common fucking mistake
"And the Golden Globe goes to… LEONARDO DICAPRIO.”
gif film movies Alice In Wonderland mygif johnny depp the Mad Hatter myfilm
One Direction wax wow look at how fucking real sorry z this is a bad angle for you the other pictures aren't as impressive... but there's definitely more on getty cba to find which ones haven't been posted and post them
Racism sexism homophobia diversity oppression ableism Social Justice misogyny cissexism transmisogyny White supremacy race relations identity politics heterosexism rape tw simon's rock noah steadman white pride seriously guys spread this shit like wildfire 4chon violence tw
fashion Grunge all time low a day to remember pop punk real friends Brand New blink 182 the story so far tssf the wonder years bands basement man overboard band merch citizen defend pop punk poppunk state champs neck deep soft grunge band blog The Front Bottoms modern baseball the struggle is real pop punk merch Pop Punk Sucks generic pop punk
death murder crime bomb mystery colombia unsolved
politics education Robert Reich
1k * Matty Shameless Fiona Gallagher Shameless US lip gallagher Ian Gallagher frank gallagher mandy milkovich bonnie debbie gallagher blood tw carl gallagher shamelessedit monica gallagher flashing tw i will forever be mad at how badly lit the ian x mickey scene is bc it is one of my favorite scenes of the entire show AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO COLOR WELL