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I hate how everybody hates on white people. Like you know if you had the choice, you’d choose to be white.
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also the term “white trash” implies that whiteness is associated with wealth/education and that “white trash” is an outlier of the group and therefore associated with otherness, i.e., other racial groups such as black people (associated with poverty/lack of education due to w...
  • [4 African teenagers create a generator powered by urine]
  • white feminists:...
  • [Palestinian Muslim woman is the youngest doctor in the world]
  • white feminists:...
  • [conventionally attractive cis white girl has unshaved armpits]
  • white feminists:YEAH YOU GO GIRL!!! DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY!!!✿✿✿
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  • white male:aw showering without me :'(
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white privilege White supremacy white people are evil
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  • tv:white girls are beautiful!
  • magazines:white girls are beautiful!
  • media:white girls are beautiful!
  • society:white girls are beautiful!
  • white feminists:(white) girls are beautiful!
  • black girl:black girls are beautiful!
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wtf white women fuck white people white bullshit
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What’s my name in your language?
white lion white lion