• who has a background in flower arranging •
who has a background in flower arranging taking a break from exam studying!!! doing something early for halloween but it's not really related also oh my god i haven't drawn guys in forever how do I draw male characters!!! but it basically looks like a girl with short hair i need to work on that I really enjoy doing traditional work!!! usually takes much less time and working with only lines is relaxing also for messages asking how I scan my traditional work!!! sweats nervously as I use my phone cam
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I fucked up and actually Wash is the one who approaches Tuck...
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1k mine 2k hannibal Has this been done yet? mads mikkelsen hugh dancy bryan fuller mine: hannibal hannibaledit nevermind MOAR FLOWER CROWNS IN YOUR LIFE flower crowns for all! i s2g this team are just the cutest thing ever
According to the Washington Post, up until three years ago Darren Wilson worked for the Jennings Police Department, located not far from from the city of Ferguson. The Jennings po...
kingdom hearts sora roxas Kingdom Hearts 2 Swallotail's stuff Inb4 somebody has already done this before YEAH WELL DID THEY PUT FUNKY CLOUDS IN THE BACKGROUND??? what do you mean they did?? Oh my god I just talk to myself in these tags Is that a sign of insanity?
How to put a background image in your Tumblr theme!
I am getting so many questions about using the backgrounds it is hard to reply them all individually so decided to write a  general reply/tutorial page hope it helps. General Questions: Can i use one of your backgrounds?/how i will get; them-right click is not working? Sure this is the point of the ...
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