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77 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED DOCTOR WHO TODAY THAT’S TWICE THE POPULATION OF CANADA AND THEN SOME edit: HAHAHAHA uh apparently that was the viewership in total since 2005 THANKS CANADIAN TV IM NOT EMBARRASSED AT ALL I’m gonna go die now sorry guys
Unfollow anyone who says Baltimore is overreacting.
A man’s spine was severed WITHOUT the use of a gun. Do you know what kind of force that is? Please tell me what the police did was justified, so I can know exactly who to block.
glee blaine anderson ! who says stuff like that
In elementary school when my friend says "I know who liiiikes youuu"
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An avox walks into a bar and says
When someone says, "You're so obsessed!"
“Friends that you make over the internet don’t count!”
Don't ever trust anyone who says they don't masturbate.
its strange but its always me who says this
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When someone says they don't like Doctor Who