• why do you hate me •
“Você não tem ideia do quanto eu me preocupo contigo. Então faz um favor? Se cuida.”
vishnu positive vibes raise your frequency calm and patience virtues of the truth raise your vibration
indie Alex Turner do me a favour arctic monekys
LOL sherlock john watson moustache mustache john watson jawn
justin bieber big sean as long as you love me
but i don't care klk kill la kill i'm going to get so much hate go learn japanese
* Teen Wolf *1k derekstiles twedit
depressed depression suicidal suicide pain hate Teen crying self harm feelings anorexia bulimia anorexic tears sadness self injury emotions i'm sorry bulimic purge suicidal thoughts depressive you lied you left suicial thoughts
*gif vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha vikingsedit *vikings lagerthaedit ch: you couldn’t kill me if you tried for a hundred years everyone loves lagertha it is known
Key shinee kim kibum jonghyun kim jonghyun kibum alice makes gifs puppysaur aka dumbhyun NO BUT HOW DO YOU PEOPLE TAG HIM WHICH ONE DO YOU USE IDK kinkybum bonus jongkey wahaaaaayy~~~
me lost harry potter death blood depressed depression sad myself suicidal suicide pain hurt alone hate self harm self hate die dead care dying scars sadness empty self destruction lose hate myself losing hate me more you care the more you have to lose
my edits my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch mybcedits Saskia's posts can anyone help me out for a bit? i'm looking for people who speak spanish or french cant pay with money but i have hella benedict photos if you wanna help me out leave me an ask
the 1975 ross macdonald george daniel adam hann matty healy
tips my words not my picture Spiritual vibration vibrational frequency
* mygifs delena myedits oh god no I AM NOT OKAY delenaedit delena shippers club otp: you are my life
the hobbit richard armitage Thorin hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug mine: hobbit why do I make these things ch: Thorin Hobbit: DOS 1000 hugs and kisses for Emilie for helping me with this
dean o'gorman Stephen Hunter deano gifs HIS DUMB SELF SATISFIED SMILE IN THE SECOND ONE these are the reasons why you own the hot dad sweaters because you make dumb dad jokes kiwi prince
me fittip
* gifs joe jonas jonas brothers still in love with you jonas brothers 3d concert experience i hate coloring this movie JoeGif
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