• why are kids these days so dumb •
90s 1990 90s kid satire 1890 why are kids these days so dumb
omg exo 5k exo m exo k looool exogiif why r they so dumbbbbbbbbbbb
i like cute boys but cute boys don’t like me do you see my dilemma 
tom hiddleston myshit loki thor the dark world why are junkets such shit quality these days like 720 pls is that so fuckin hard
nirvana Amanda Bieber WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB
me bgrp2 bgrp2 blackgirlsrpretty2 nappy and happy why are my boobs so big?
Can we talk about Spy Kids 3 for a second because it’s just the MOST BAFFLING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE EVER First we open to LITTLE BABY SELENA GOMEZ THE PRESIDENT IS GEORGE CLOONEY? Later we see Juni’s grandpa who is KHAN?? who spends the whole movie chasing a butterfly THE VILLAIN IS...
1k ~ mine lea michele dumb these are so ugly
food money so true overweight cheap fat kids saled
feminism rape culture anita sarkeesian gun control Gun violence marysville stop gamergate jaylen fryberg
pretty little liars mine omg D: pll spencer hastings this stupid what even go away i just i hate life spemily :'))))) why????????????????? is dumb they are so important otp: soul mates in a way pain? :'(((())))) liKE i don't look at how they look at eachother are we going to talk about any of this every scene they have they are in love they are pure love all of these scenes are so important
cartoon gif
mygif borderlands Borderlandsedit maybe idk?? BLPS blps spoilers also fUCK I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT NINA WHY AM I SO DUMB UGH also tumblr is making these gifs look terrible hahaha i hate everything ALSO BORDERLANDS LADIES ARE BEST LADIES DO NOT FIGHT ME ON THIS
help exo I cry ISTG someone please explain why do I stan these dumb butts saNtAO
1k sherlock sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch SherlockEdit you are so dumb sh gif these are shitty but idc
The Lord of the Rings Mine: lotr legolas Pippin lotredit YOU'RE SO DUMB i fail at life tolkienedit i'm just trying all these random colorings these days legolas is so excited about lembas
EXPAND DONG why are these so funny
gifs v jimin j hope taehyung why are you guys so dumb
1k m:gif taehyun seungyoon yg winner m:evdit m:wintv these two are so dumb and taehyun's bye at the end lmao