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Can we talk about Spy Kids 3 for a second because it’s just the MOST BAFFLING CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE EVER First we open to LITTLE BABY SELENA GOMEZ THE PRESIDENT IS GEORGE CLOONEY? Later we see Juni’s grandpa who is KHAN?? who spends the whole movie chasing a butterfly THE VILLAIN IS...
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kids 2015: hey check out these pictures of me at Vans Warped Tour hahakids 1815 *after waiting 6 weeks for a telegram*: bartholomew has died of smallpox
pretty little liars mine omg D: pll spencer hastings this stupid what even go away i just i hate life spemily :'))))) why????????????????? is dumb they are so important otp: soul mates in a way pain? :'(((())))) liKE i don't look at how they look at eachother are we going to talk about any of this every scene they have they are in love they are pure love all of these scenes are so important
feminism rape culture anita sarkeesian gun control Gun violence marysville stop gamergate jaylen fryberg
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  • Aries:Is extremely independent so all they know is to pile way too much pressure on themselves. They end up doubting their own abilities and are often never comforted because they're always perceived as energetic & optimistic.
  • Taurus:Everyone depends on them because of their trustworthy demeanour. This means they bear the burden of their own and other peoples issues. Because of their stable nature, changes/natural stress can result in crippling anxiety.
  • Gemini:Is determined to keep up their bubbly façade. They try drown their own issues out with good times & long talks so they're never alone with their own thoughts. Nobody knows about the internal identity crisis that is destroying them from the inside out.
  • Cancer:Tearing themselves apart trying to decide what they want in life. They dwell on the past and constantly can't decide between their resentments and their fears. Theses contradictions often prove to be too hard to handle and make them prone to breakdowns.
  • Leo:Always worried about what the world thinks of them. They hide it well but they are very sensitive to the slightest comments & their ego is insatiable, often requiring them to over-think things and question themselves. Sadly, Leos value their dignity fiercely and will suffer in silence to keep their pride intact.
  • Virgo:Their thirst for knowledge and order have them constantly over-analysing every situation. Their brain is always striving for a purpose so without being assured that they are essential to someone, they can be left feeling useless & dejected. Barely anyone can sense their struggles because they are so detached. They appear cold and unapproachable when they are actually afraid of being hurt/rejected.
  • Libra:Consistently seeking peace and acceptance. They give themselves endlessly trying to make others happy and in the end are left asking who they really are. Because of this, they lack self-confidence and desperately try complete themselves through the approval of others. They're always tired from trying to prove themselves but just can't will themselves to stop.
  • Scorpio:Nearly always misunderstood. This aspect combined with their hesitance to trust leaves them with few people they can confide in. They're very picky with who knows what about them because they feel secure with full control over a situation. When something goes wrong within their plan, they are intensely anxious over the result and keep their strong fear of failure hidden from everyone. They're so bottled up that their emotions can hit them like a brick wall at any point, leaving them broken with nobody to talk to.
  • ...
mygif borderlands Borderlandsedit maybe idk?? BLPS blps spoilers also fUCK I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT NINA WHY AM I SO DUMB UGH also tumblr is making these gifs look terrible hahaha i hate everything ALSO BORDERLANDS LADIES ARE BEST LADIES DO NOT FIGHT ME ON THIS
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help exo I cry ISTG someone please explain why do I stan these dumb butts saNtAO
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