• will i ever do good stuff for this game?? •
but when did i start saying ‘yo’ unironically
gifs Avatar Korra lok 1.1 Greatest Hits my derp i will do this better next time if i find a good scene to do it for /??
1k ~ One Tree Hill this sucks 100n life changing 500N 600n 300n 400n 200n 800n 900n 700n i just threw it together at the last minute i had all these caps i've been collecting for months to do this and yesterday I was cleaning my desktop and decided to stupidly delete the f fucking a man this will have to do though no words will ever express the love i have for this show
sigh my stuff dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki OTP: The epic love story of sam and dean you're my queue and there's nothing i wouldn't do for you sam stuff brother stuff *comment on here a gif set to show everyone what a horrible brother sam is and i will eat everyone who reblogs this and hates on sam seriously i will eat you if you don't like sam don't reblog my stuff
stuff i made Rooster Teeth anyway rage quit Achievement Hunter michael jones rt: rage cute so i'm on my old laptop and finding all sorts of gifs and things i never posted ran across these and remade them because the old ones were godawful but i owe a lot to this video it's what rekindled my love for rooster teeth and brought me back into the fold as they say long painful boring story these are probably the only lp gifs i will ever make and this video has been giffed into the ground but i had to do it bless you michael jones
Grey's Anatomy lexie grey chyler leigh iwillalwaysloveyou i'm glad i did this before she actually died because now i just can't done with this show for good
my stuff one piece luffy opgifs trafalgar law punk hazard Shichibukai opgraphics are you happy Rhae? is this good enough for you? I was originally going to make this twice and long and have text in the gifs but then I remembered that I'm lazy and hate typesetting too lazy to even watermark most of the gifs the aliance of nothing has gone right ever the aliance of regrets the aliance of 'why would u do that Luffy that wasn't part of the plan'
my gifs supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki idek wincestweek wincest week queue it up baby OTP: The epic love story of sam and dean wincest stuff *anything this is probably the most horrible thing i ever made urghgghh i just wanted to make something for wincest week i will never get over the fact that sam and dean were literally made for each other they were created for EACH OTHER how can anyone or aything compete with that?
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my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch james mcavoy starter for 10 Patrick Watts elaine tan
mygifs spoilers Spoiler mygraphics hggraphic just saying thgedit why did i do this thgspoilers gr:careers gr:d1 gr:d2 gr:marvel gr:glimmer gr:cato gr:clove thgspoiler BABIES ;______; why did i do this oh my god it actually hurts to see them die that's not healthy is it glimmer baby omfg your death looks particularly awful ;__; also if i catch any one of you going GOOD FOR YOU at marvel I WILL END YOU cato's isn't very clear but yeah dark scene also hey look at the time i never fucking learn do i
ugh this yes Someone do this with me and I will love you forever and ever I just want to be princess lifted I live for dance lifts
Illustration giveaway sherlock sherlock holmes portrait Benedict Cumberbatch game of thrones fan art my artwork Digital Painting MORE TAGS nlmda
art klaine glee Fanart the box scene No but like Kurt should bring the ring with him to New York to ward off potential love rivals now that I think about it he should get one for Blaine too Cause Blaine's like hot stuff in ohio and it would be a bowtie that shoots out lasers of love yes yes this is a good idea
bye good night hint hint welcome to night vale night vale okay this is the last one for tonight i have more but they will have to wait oh by the way i changed my blog title my night vale stuff
glee Darren Criss blaine anderson my stuff ehhm i had to do this for reasons
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