• will i ever do good stuff for this game?? •
chris colfer my stuff I will NEVER get tired of seeing him do this.
my stuff dean winchester sam winchester castiel Team Free Will spnedit well this was slightly painful to do why did i do this idk man i needed to do something besides homework mkay yeah i need to do that now
* film: safety not guaranteed what a good week for the internet delivering me movies i've been wanting to see for a while and what a good movie this was aubrey plaza and time travel! more of jake johnson's turtle face! like i was ever going to not like this
my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn bobby singer as if i ever made anything good cassanovak because i told you 1 day i would do this to them it 4 am waht do you think im gonan make
harry likes to touch his mouth a lot  while he’s talking   and smiling there’s actually a common factor between a lot of these but that is for another post.. ahem. it’s just as painful in still photos sigh this counts so does this close enough shh (?°?°)?? ??? ...
references ahoy!!!!!
backgrounds?  here have a shitfuck of backgrounds cat emoticons? i have those too wanna be like all the coolkids and use cute japanese emotes? i got you homes want homestuck pixels? there you have them did i mention pixels here are a metric fuckton of pixel blogs you want themes?  have some themes ...
omfg i think this post will be trouble for me
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my gifs the oc seth cohen summer roberts seth x summer cutest ever.
homestuck skrillex ginger ew bedhead tw: my face
doctor who matt smith mine David Tennant ugh Christopher Eccleston 11th Doctor 10th doctor nope 9th Doctor i wanted to do this for a long time so I guess it will get like 100 notes so i've run out of ideas why 9 always insults species i was looking for smth good from him and 11 hasn't got anything about humans at all
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Night Light
Rest of comic under the cut~
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mine mygif naruto sasuke uchiha naruto uzumaki FAP naruto gif Naruto Shippuuden narusasu naruto ova bishounen-heaven i don't understand how people actually like doing edits for their otps i will never do a narusasu edit again this is the worst i hate doing pairing edits of ships i like they never turn out good enough ep277 ep216 ep174 naruto ed ep216 again
* ** television angel buffy ATS bangel i love you so much i almost forgot to brood tact is just not saying true stuff ats305 my ass is not pansy lol remember this? when this was like the first big gifset i ever made and i still had no idea what i was doing? yeah good times.