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Christmas winter
Christmas winter
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Christmas winter let it snow
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  • me:wait what do you mean they messed up how
  • me:*hysterically laughing at curling*
  • me:*whispering* gotta go fast fast fAsT
  • me:ah yes my favorite athlete, fikpa glokthuodjfika
  • me:*during every event* ow ow ow ow ow
  • me:is that person 15 or 30
  • ...
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Olympic Shadefest 2014.
Reasons Sochi is not ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics
By all accounts Russian resort city/credit card fraud mecca, Sochi, isn’t ready for the two-days-away 2014 Winter Olympics. Here are some of the reasons why: Workers have yet to figure out “how to make that flat cold stuff you can skate on.” Many new bus stops have been left unfini...
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Apparently queer rights are our new space travel in the game of: Things America Only Cares About Because We Want To Be Better Than Russia.