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gifs Octavia Spencer janelle monae Taraji P. Henson Mahershala Ali filmedit hidden figures
list of things she did: 1. that
My art comics dark souls my comics solaire Dark Souls 3 nameless king
Demi Lovato mine Nicki Minaj Jeremy Scott Moschino
gifs bts Bangtan yoongi why is he like this edit:bangtan i love hi m u cant get any more savage than min yoongi there was sO MUCh more i wish i could fit them all hahah
mine Black and White Typography lyrics pink floyd so i made this lyric edit
mine The X Files Dana Scully i love this shot Fox Mulder mulder x scully synchrony mine:txf i wish it could all be in one gif and look decent
pokemon mine gifset DP ag may pokeani pokegraphic pokedit mayedit ag is a DOUCHE to color like oh my god xy has such nice animation.... i wish ag could be remastered or something ugh anyways please celebrate our princess this month i have some edit ideas AHHH i'm gonna try to be more active this month
In Too Deep steven universe episode list
Nicki Minaj music rap feminism news black culture nicki equal pay Black Excellence identities
photography sky dream space stars starry clouds Magic star sparkle wish cloud wishes magical heartsnmagic
Redeeming Features:
Aries: Forgiveness and forgetfulness follows their wrath.Taurus: They are that safe place, without startling surprises. Gemini: They show that laughter really is the best medicine. Cancer: They stand strong for the weak. Leo: Their heart is as big as their ego.Virgo: They are anxious because they ca...
quote text quotes dream Magic texts wish wishes magical
Alex Gaskarth they're gorgeous oaky listen I wish I could link he article but I'm on my phone? lisa gaskarth gaskarth wedding
gif pokemon Fanart animation 2D animation digital art normal floppy loop dunsparce there are like 500 mistakes but i noticed them too late not bad for not animating for several months i guess really wish the gif format didn't destroy the textures on this tho
Lord Dominator’s To-Do List: 1) Sing about destroying galaxy...
funny books photoshop kids books
It would be awesome if someone would post of list of black businesses owned by black women. Thank yo...
gif Black and White anime lake sky b&w edit stars boy monochrome sea scenery qoute Stardust anime gif anime scenery anime monochrome thank you T musaigen no phantom
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