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When to use what in witchcraft -
Ok so I am gonna say this is my personal reference, its mainly through associations. You might TOTALLY disagree and thats chill! Its more something to think about and a guideline of what I use myself…Candle Magic:Carve a candle when…. the candle represents the target, in sympathetic ma...
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  • Christians:Dear Lord
  • Pagans:Deer Lord
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some witches want 1 wand they made themselves, some witches want 20 hundred dollar wands, and both are okay.some witches got into the craft via family or friends or independent study, some got in because they liked the aesthetic, and both are okay.some witches like to follow books to a t, some like ...
“Blessed Be” Alternatives
Some people are uncomfortable when you bless them. Here are alternatives you can use so you don’t insult or offend people who don’t want your blessings:“Good health to you”“Happiness to you and yours”“Fair winds”“Farewell”“Sweet water and light laughter till we next meet”“May your journey be swift”“...
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