• with proper gif and quality for s5 •
:) jgifs got MY BABIES daenerys targaryen gotgif gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen i'm making one of this kind at every new seasons lmao wait i will re do it when we s5 will be done tho with proper gif and quality for s5
gifs cute request my posts Sons Of Anarchy jax teller soa Chibs Telford Abel Teller wendy case soa gifs soa s5 hellequins soa 5x12 made it for chibs and abel in the last gif!
photography sexy cars luxury california audi s5 luxurious slammed luxury cars automotive car porn stanced carporn Audi S5 automotive photography car photography cars and coffee sexy cars european cars clean cars amazing cars Clean Whips proper cars
1k my gifs spoilers anime kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket kuroko's basketball akashi seijuro kagami taiga knb knb spoilers will replace with better gifs once i get better quality edit: better gifs!! and proper translation
the office gif * stephanie s5 Jim Halpert deleted scenes
mine supernatural dean winchester ;) spnedit lemme know deanwinchesteredit actually downloaded the ep in proper quality this week if anyone's got a shot they want in big gif form submit the cap and i'll see what i can do
gif parks and recreation s5 leslie knope parksedit
daesung t.o.p g-dragon jiyong choi seunghyun cries bigbang d-lite mine: gif mine: my edit mine: bigbang they're so cuteeeeee i love seeing them joking around like this ;_; TOO MUCH FEELS FOR BIGBANG MY BABIES MY KINGS THEY'RE SO ADORABLE WHEN THEY'RE JUST CAREFREE so sosossoso precious i can't handle this THE REALIZATION OF MISSING BIGBANG PART 483923794 BECAUSE SOBS can we have more backstage or whatever content that show more of them pls.... i miss proper bts REMINDER THAT LAST PROPER BTS IS BIGSHOW 2011 i want to see my babies being dorks and joking with each other and just laughs ;_; IS THIS SO HARD IS THIS A /TOO BIG DON'T EVEN TRY/ WISH sobsosboaf;khl asd;k  imiss bigbang
my gif but i had to aaron tveit these gifs are shitty and i made them in two minutes currently waiting for my torrent to finish and with my internet it isn't looking good so just go with the shitty quality please
1k mine supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles 5k spn 10k Jared Padalecki sam and dean spnedit had to use a dvd so i'm sorry for the crappy quality :( ugh my ocd is telling me to put a comma after big but the proper name of the wolf in the fairy tales doesn't have one ugh ep:  3.05 bedtime stories
* anime Edit: Gif hyouka houtarou oreki eru chitanda otp: they say life is good when someone needs you so i'm more than a little in love with this relationship and just how endearingly clumsy and sincere it is both of them depend on each other - eru challenges houtarou and literally sweeps him up into the living and moving world and in return he indulges her whims and unknowingly rewards her selfless acceptance of the proper path she's expected to follow ugh this show handled characterization and relationship development amazingly well for the most part and this bond (along with satoshi and mayaka's relationship) was easily my favorite thing about this lovely series
photoset gif death supernatural sam winchester s5 s6 this song is so perfect for Sam
* The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen in love Catching Fire thgedit gr: thg gr: gif FINALLY MADE SOMETHING PROPER and I am in love with this new colouring that I made!
gif mine hayley williams paramore chad gilbert new found glory sorry for the awful quality something is wrong with my settings and i can't fix it
gif art sunggyu animation sungkyu kontrol click for better quality :S
gif 1k friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S Jess s5 ross geller Monica Geller 5x22 so here it is friendsedit put this in the queue to post yesterday and for some reason itĀ disappeared
kill la kill Ryuko Matoi Satsuki Kiryuin mako mankanshoku nonon jakuzure ira gamagori Aikuro Mikisugi houka inumuta Tsumugu Kinagase MATCHING ICONS uzu sanegayama nui harime shiro iori Ragyo Kiryuin klk fanart i did this a few months ago with satsuki and nonon and since then the question i got the most in my ask box was to do this with the rest of the klk chars (especially ryuko)...so here they are
gif parks and recreation s5 april ludgate leslie knope ann perkins by danielle parksedit