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So Jensen told us that he dreams about Dean giving away the Impala after Sam dies because he can’t stand to have anyone else in the passenger seat. Remember that time Jared told us that sometimes he wakes up and the first word out of his mouth is “Dean” because he forgets that he&#...
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Two people can love each other without needing to be in a romantic relationship together.
two people they can love each other a lot like a lot a lot but they   don’t have to be in a  r o m a n t i c relationship
gif * mine 10k Catfish Nev Schulman max joseph MTV Catfish Nev and Max otp: nev x max tv: catfish they get so lost without each other it's adorable
* gifs the walking dead i love them so much Daryl Dixon carol peletier twd spoilers caryl twdedit carol x daryl i love that they do shots like this mirroring each other bc their souls mirror each other they are soul mates platonic loves from just one scene without any talking you can get so much words are not needed
1k Thor *gif Marvel loki thor 2 Thor 2 spoilers Thoredit lately my 500px gifs are accepted without a fuss i'm pleased but i'm wary
** i love this ship *fav brooklyn nine nine amy santiago jake peralta jake x amy *b99 b99edit okay i just need to edit the essay so i made this cuz part of the reason is cuz they're best friends!! without rlly realizing it and even despite teasing each other they still support each other and just don't look at me!! (jen!!)
this band is actually the worst because they’re all codependent and they never stop touching each other and they share clothes and have friendship bracelets and squeeze so they can all fit onto the same couch together and they keep each other grounded and they grew up together and they’r...
Zayn Malik mine ot5 gif* that's beautiful zayn
Captain America marveledit otp: not without you captainamericaedit stuckyedit has any other quote been so stevebucky af??????? survey says no
liam payne Danielle Peazer payzer please stop doing this to me get back together because you two are perfect you are incomplete without each other
* larry bye these are right next to each other in my folder and i couldn't look at these comparisons 1 more time without making a post
harry potter * hp* ot3: we've had time
sherlock My art johnlock these two idiots i am in SUCH a fluffy mood today wow will probably initiate their relationship without even looking at each other because they won't have to *vomits rainbows*
mine liam look @ thith old ass edit I never posted i was gonna edit like a bunch of leems standing next to each other but i must have given up ooorrr fell asleep & 4gotten about it ........2 years later might as well post it without a psd or finishing it i guesss
SHINee's rolling paper
Write what you’ve been annoyed with or had a problem about with this member. If you write praise or “nothing” we’ll assume that you’re awkward with them~ TaeminJonghyun: Taeminnah… Sorry for being mean to you when you wore my hat that one time. But please tell me...
my gif LOL sunggyu woohyun infinite lawl woogyu love these two aren't they adorable trolling each other without the other really know what's going on they're just too much sometimes you can really feel the love between the two better love story than romeo and juliet
my gifs once upon a time Emma Swan august w booth and it breaks my heart neal cassady or as i call them - the lost children of fairytale land each left by their parents in a strange world each eventually alone and they all make mistakes and do bad things sometimes but they find each other they find each other and they find their parents and they become great but it's not without the being alone being abandoned or given up by your parents and it does things to the soul makes they unable to trust and unwilling to be vulnerable wow i have a lot of feelings about neal and emma and august also first time with this effect WOOOOOOOOT
my edits the walking dead Rick Grimes twd spoilers Glenn Rhee twdedit Bob Stookey once again i make believe this is a feel good show all about a found family that loves each other and i recognize the irony of using a daryl quote without including a daryl gif forgive me i'm trash