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Fanart date Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek wandarer
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spoilers *mine Teen Wolf *graphics 720pissoff this episode in summary was just: LADIES guest starring scott and stiles and wee derek hopefully next week i'll crank this picspam out sooner
gifs1 Teen Wolf twedit kind of happy how this turned out
1k 5k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski twme Nogitsune
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five rules to interacting with faeries
the first is be aware that names have power. give yourself a nickname or give no name at all. the second is do not accept anything edible from a faery. to eat from the lands of fae is to lock yourself from the land of mortals. the third is regarding information. if a faery gives you information, do ...
simple rules every blogger should blog by
if you see a selfie like it, the person posting it had courage to brave their face for thousands to see. if you think someone is attractive / lovely / wonderful, tell them it will probably make their day if you see a blog you like, follow it - if you like something specific about it tell them - they...
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contest MTV Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien fanfic fan fiction tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey
* Teen Wolf twedit condition terminal i really hope the person who directed this episode gets the chance to come back because i really liked what they did and i loved detective malia i'm SO MAD that they didn't believe her but i loved that she went out and got her own answers
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my edits lolol Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek tws1 sterekedit sterekmoments stereks1 sterekfest the best and only reason to watch loved the colouring yay for drafts i can use for things like this
Illustration quote flower ugh feminism artists on tumblr feminist art peony Naomi Wolf female artists feminist literature but it'll do for now the beauty myth the typography on this one is a bit dodgy also that smudge at the top left is super annoying
I will not keep my mouth shut. A bitch knows her voice. Kno...
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