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“america is the land of the free” unless you’re not a straight rich white man, then it’s not. 
Why I don’t think it’s funny when men make jokes about that their lives are over once they’re married:-No man is forced to get married. But thousands of girls and women are forced to marry someone they don’t love or even know every fucking year.-There are thousands of couples...
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to all my beautiful ladies on international womens day1. love urself2. love other girls3. fight the patriarchy 
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"Save the fetuses!" the GOP cries as they cut welfare programs, pediatric care, education, and refuse to provide a livable wage.
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By the “not all men” logic, Russian Roulette is a perfectly safe game to play. Sure, one of the chambers has a bullet in it… but not all chambers
Woman can be emotionally abusiveWomen can be physically abusiveWomen can be verbally abusiveWomen can be this way to people of any gender. Woman can be intentionally abusiveplease don’t pretend this isn’t true. Especially if you call yourself a feminist.
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Dear Feminists,
Unsheltered Homeless (2009)Women – 12,000 – 4%Men – 240,000 – 96%Life Expectancy (2006) Women – 80.8 Years Men – 75.7 YearsSuicides (2008) Women – 7,585 - 19% Men – 28,450 - 81%Deaths by Homicide (2004) Women – 3,856 – 20% Men – 14,717 – 80%Deaths from Cancer (2004) Women – 269,819 Men – 290,069Deat...
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Male Privilege #14
Nobody tries to take away your right to use a condom. Nobody hammers into your head that you should feel guilty and shameful about preventing your gift-from-God sperm from fertilizing an egg and thus ensuring the birth of a beautiful child. No politician tells you using condoms makes you a slut. Nob...
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