• wooya •
woohyun Hoya wooya i say HO u say YA
woohyun Hoya gif: Infinite holding hands ;-; wooya all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy this is pointless but so is tumblr so shut up uwu 110331 I suck at writing captions but lol idc :D
woohyun infinite 1000 Hoya howon 19900105 gif wooya PLS HOYA PLS
myungsoo woohyun sungyeol Idiots Hoya gif: Infinite wooya hoya pls all: infinite gif: wh gif: hy yep that's it; that's my caption idc this could be a wooya gifset LOL and hyun always goes along with it there are a lot more moments; also of others doing the punching; but hoya by far does it the most lol sigh the colouring took so long orz and it looks so messy @__@ this reminds me of that other gifset of hoya where he always gets carried leave him alone >:(
my gif 1k otp woohyun infinite Hoya jgif wooya hoaegi so cute :3 the gif...is not that hq =_= run and hide... i cant
sungjong woohyun infinite Hoya mygifs5 gifs:concertSIE wooya just can't stand his sexy dance BECAUSE SUNGJONG IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU