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my thoughts are tangled threads and every single one leads to you
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To whoever loves me next,   I’m sorry if I’m afraid of you or if days of flirting turn to radio silence, without warning. I&rsqu...
when 99% of the fandom ships a ship that’s kinda your notp and you just
Somewhere on the brink of insanity, I fell in love with the idea of destroying myself.
And I found you lying there stretched across the mattress, and your freckles had turned into their own galaxy. It was that moment, I realize...
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  • *feels sick on a school night*
  • *hopes that i still feel sick the following morning so i don't have to go to school*
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i think one of the worst possible things you could do to your kid is make them upset on purpose like those videos of kids unwrapping their christmas presents and thinking that they’re getting and ipad or an xbox and it turns out to be a joke gift or some smartass prank like a gauze eye-pad or ...
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