• work ive had a pretty down day and the house snakes are doing a great job at cheering me up pardon the snickering and shakey camera i couldnt help myself house snake african house snake •
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1k harry potter slytherin type: edit movie: harry potter hpedit ew i don't think i like it
levi summer job day2 eren jaeger EreRi riren rivaere tanekore art levi ackerman ereriweek ereriweek2015 theheichouwesawthatday OMG MAGS you did an amazing job with the fic sweetheart pooooor poooor Levi omgosh I can feel the embarassment it fuels my soul!
animals snake reptiles Ball python python REALLY THO Python regius olly royal python still mad about that ask tbh cant believe someone actually tried to compliment gina with that shit lmai
interview grammys grammy awards hamilton daveed diggs gram4ham jeffrey seller andy blankenbuehler intervieew NOT INTERVIEEW thanks anon for catching the typo ANON IS FINE BUT ALSO DON'T BE SCARED TO COME AT ME NON-ANON I try not to flood people's dashes so I limit the talking-through-tumblr type posts that I do but then I feel bad that I'm not able to give a personal thank you to folks who help out like this I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS ANON
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The difference between a snake and a snek
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