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Mein Leben ist wie Musik von Rihanna. Der Großteil ist "work, work, work" und den Rest verstehe ich ...
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Reblog if you respect those who work two or more jobs so they can hold it down
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  • Customer:How can you do this job (stripping)? Isn't it degrading having to take your clothes of for money?
  • Dancer:You're the guy that just forked out $300 for me to take my clothes off. Isn't it degrading having to pay that much before a girl who looks like me will take her clothes for you?
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  • Teacher:Why didn't you do your homework?
  • Me:*Puts on full performance of Dancing Through Life*
Mangaka and their work place
Mayu Shinjo Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Phoenix, Black Jack,…) Hirohiko Araki with his co-worker are woking on their JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Takao Saito, author of Golgo 13 Okazaki Mari (Shibuya-ku Maruyama-chou)  Mitsukazu Mihara, author of Beautiful People  Tetsuo Hara and his...
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  • Me:So what do you want to be for Halloween?
  • Little Girl:I think I should be Thor.
  • Her Mother:You know Thor's a boy right?
  • Little Girl:Yeah and I'm a girl and I want to be Thor.
  • Her Mother:Don't you want to be something pretty?
  • Little Girl:Thor is pretty.
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Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.
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“Exactly. So you see that part of Rihanna dancing with the guy? That is caribbean culture at its height. He was dancing, she saw him, she went to him, they had a dance together. At...