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chaz lia melia cross connect mag Posted by Chaz
tweet stokely carmichael self defense Kwame Ture pacifism Nonviolence armed resistance
gajevy rboz myart rboz twitterdump enjoy these while i work on new stuff XD since i feel better now
art design crafts architecture
artist new york sunny brooklyn loft studio plants high ceilings wood floors shared space live/work live work space live work how will i tag this in the future?
gaming pokemon nintendo pokenews pokemon go
smoke **gif **mine pvris lynn gunn gosh.......what a Song what a Lyric this song makes me blush...''i love the things we do when it's just made and you'' damn lynn ! anyway i forgot that the gif limit was still 2 mb so this is not me best work
cat comic MCM London comic village her name is Harley the cat is so fluffy she smells a bit though bit like poo and earthy
Blizzard Meka Overwatch Dva Zolaida hanasong
We hard workers are going to rebuild this temple.Sadly we on...
artist money passion project exposure funding artproblems kendallhaleart passion project
My art dai dragon age cassandra pentaghast inoctavo thank you for the request and the kind words <3 sorry it took so long to work requests finals are around the corner and I've been swamped with projects ;-;
gif gifs star wars
homestuck Dave Strider Rose Lalonde daverose draws and shit do you ever !!!!!!!!!! are just !!!!!!!! about your kids !!!!!!!!!!!!! let them be happy !!!!!!!!!! ok back 2 work
sketchbook WIP madi draws things Miraculous Ladybug i just felt like playing tbh and did the simplest comps i had in mind but I want to do more menons la danse zine my gestures are ugly but i thought id share anyways;;;;;;;
clouds oil painting pdx artist on tumblr work in progress oil on canvas pnw portland art oregonart brucereed99
A short film I’ve worked on for the past months about a guy ...
ccs clamp card captor sakura
i was watching aou and i thought that the powerpuff girls th...
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