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It’s 9:55pm on a Tuesday night A group of 10 teenage girls come into the restaurant. “What time do you guys close?” I say, “We close at 10:00pm” She replies, “table for ten please” A little frustrated (because I’m not a fucking hostess/server) I ...
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When my future husband comes home from WORK and asks what’s for dinner
film mine disney Kenya dead poets society Hook Jumanji Robin Williams mrs. doubtfire Ferngully Disneyedit The Birdcage i am really emotional i tried to make this as fast as I could
The Full video lol 
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how y'all think petitions work
biden: sir……..the Teens want to change the national economy to communism obama: oh no…..how many signatures are there biden: sir there’s…there’s 100,000 obama: *sheds a tear* then it seems we have no choice…..comrade
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So I have both a brother and a sister and recently I came out as genderqueer and my mum’s reaction was basically “aw yisss i collected the whole set”
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the weirdest thing about 2016 is that there’s a chance we could actually have our first female president…and i’m praying to god that we elect an old white dude instead
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