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Trans men, gender fluid people and Non Binary people can get pregnant. So include them in the fucking discussion about abortion because this is their discussion as well. That is all.
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It appears the ayes have it. After weeks of careful ballot counting, officials in Washington state on Tuesday certified the results in a potentially historic vote that will create ...
This blog supports sex workers
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Sex workers in the Chillicothe, Ohio PLEASE READ
There is a serial killer targeting sex workers and drug addicted women. 6 women in the last year have gone missing and 4 of their bodies have been found. The most recent girl was found on Saturday, after being missing for more than a month. No one is officially calling the person a serial killer y...
Shoutout to all the college students with jobs who manage to turn in all their papers on time. Y’all some talented ass people and you should be recognized.
It’s so hard defending sex work to civilians without outing yourself as a sex worker and that bothers me SO FUCKING MUCH because it just shows how dangerous it is and how it reflects exactly how society views us. Which is exactly why we need more people to be educated on sex worker issues and spread...
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Why I don’t think it’s funny when men make jokes about that their lives are over once they’re married:-No man is forced to get married. But thousands of girls and women are forced to marry someone they don’t love or even know every fucking year.-There are thousands of couples...