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Brazilian Butt Workout
We all want a nice butt to make our skinny jeans look good.  Try out this butt workout to tighten, tone and lift your butt! 20 Squats 20 Plie Squats 20 Donkey Kicks per side 20 Fire Hydrants per side 20 Circling Donkey Kick per side 30 Alternating Split Jumps 30 Alternating Sliders 30 Hips L...
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A Simple Cardio Workout!
Hamstring Toe Touch (to warm-up stretch) 30 seconds to the left, 30 seconds straight to the middle, 30 seconds to the right: 30 High Knees: 30 Air Bike Crunches: 30 Mountain Climbers: 20 ‘Double Crunches’: (Sit-Ups, basically) 15 Burpees: 40 Jumping Jacks: 20 Push-Ups with Rotatio...
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