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If people tell you Epcot is boring blast away in your space boots fueled by learning and travel to Norway  or Japan.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
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EXO Comeback Showcase ; video list
EXO-K Overdose MV EXO-M Overdose MV EXO Overdose Performance EXO ???? Chanyeol & Xiumin & Lay Soft Live D.O & Baekhyun & Chen Soft Live EXO Full VCR 2  Lay & Kai Dance Cut EXO Run EXO Intro + Growl EXO Ending EXO MAMA EXO WOLF EXO HISTORY
doctor who graham norton television peter capaldi twelfth doctor May the odds be ever in Twelve's favor!
Guys, years and years of training- for this. We take a lot of criticism as a fandom and as the group, and I’m so proud of them and us. The Showcase, no matter how laggy, was amazing, and they put their soul and heart into it, and our an hour and half dedication and reliance on a laggy stream- ...