• wow i'm so in love with you all •
wow anyway welcome to night vale and let me tell you wtnv cecil baldwin and the show cecil palmer I got sucked into this show so fast wow I've listened to almost all of it in about a week and a half I'm so in love with Cecils' voice and Cecil just basically the whole show Intern!Cecil from the episode 'Cassette' Hopefully I didn't butcher him too much... Also fanart other than free!
gif louis tomlinson 1k Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan Little Things gif:1D wow idk how to tag this so i'll tag them all
mine: edit michael b. jordan michael b jordan p: michael b jordan i'm so in love with you and all your little things etc ~~~
angel my gifset david boreanaz angel the series Cordelia Chase charisma carpenter gifset:ats angel x cordelia this music reminded me so much of firefly i am physically aching now because i'm that guy wow you are so dumb i am so done with you you don't even know see also: his dumb smile what is happeNING TO YOU fool in love tbh
1k my edits gifs ** mine: misc perrie edwards little mix Jesy Nelson Jade Thirlwall leigh anne pinnock i had to paraphrase like 2 of these but oh well wow i'm so in love with you all
i’m really attracted to men with dark hair and sharp facial features and defined beards and strong eyebrows and pale eyes and big hands and trim waists and thick thighs and bunny teeth; tyler hoechlin, i’m attracted to tyler hoechlin.
mygifs all time low Jack Barakat rian dawson i'm so in love with this
1k castiel 2013 spnedit long post for ts bellepost i decided to do one of those end of the year graaphic summries and yeah wings okay so i'm just gonna ramble in my tags because wow you guys are amazing seriously i see people who link to posts with a certain amount of notes and while i keep track of ones that hit 1k i don't link it cuz thanks to you amazing people linking to 1k would essentially be linking to all my graphics sans like maybe 10 and i've made over a hundred so that's a lot of love hugs you all
* Aaron Paul that's all you need to know mine:breaking bad i'm in love with aaron
pretty little liars emily fields i'm so in love with you
You know what would make this better? If they were lesbians.
photoset * Dylan O'Brien teen wolf cast obriens i'm so in love with you also i though it would be a nice change with all the interview thingies going around
gif 1k mine wow and jack frost rise of the guardians rotg Jackson Overland rotgedit and clothes I love him a lot eyebrows game and i love this details in movements like the things he does with his hands the hair movements the way he nods i'll be happy if someone points this out 'cause i'm too dumb to express my thoughts properly lemme just day that he is sassy GODDAMIT I'VE MADE SO MANY TYPOS HERE AND I CAN'T EDIT THEM GEEZ wow hello are you reading that
seeing them cry and literally be unable to speak after receiving the award makes me realize how much these boys hold back, how many suppressed emotions they keep in their hearts while working their asses off and they never complain. but today, finally in that moment they got the long awaited reward....
Do you ever have those days where you're like "I'm so in love with the fact that I'm gay"
* lana parrilla mine: ouat cast i'm so in love with you lanaparrillaedit mine: lp
gif harry potter * draco malfoy hp drarry yes you are about this blog otp: it's always been you no i just really am in love with this because wow draco s A ME and also harry's smirk like wHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN christ and everyone around gets super awkward like are we interrupting something no really i'm so done wITH THIS SHIP loOOK at what it has done to me
*gif fire emblem fire emblem awakening chrom lucina *fe haha this scene wrecked me bye I'm very much in love with all these kids and lucina is so imp
the office my gifs mine Jim Halpert pam beesly jim x pam Jim and Pam like wow otp: i'm in love with italian food I spent all night doing this :D I am still  not 100% satisfied but if I dont publish it now i never will also the feels really got me while I was doing this (also got like 124289743 other ideas during anyway.... love you guys hope someone likes it!