• wow this is the zayn show •
i needed it all in one place sorry feel free to read if you’re interested in death this is like a shot of straight agony and delight at once first we have puppy payne with his true fam look at these nuggets they’re totally communicating /simba/ honestly this is the most active those...
the vampire diaries bonnie bennett jeremy gilbert Steven R. McQueen kat graham *1k bonnie and jeremy photosets: made by me (6) wow no show this is not okay :(((((
So let’s see: November 15- Children In Need November 16- Jonathan Ross (prerecorded) November 21- X Factor USA November 22- Album Release Party with Ryan Seacrest November 23- 1D DAy November 24- AMA’s November 25- Midnight Memories released November 26- GMA performance  wow we’re ...
this is us dvd extra - before the show x
jojo's bizarre adventure jjba diamond is unbreakable Josuke Higashikata i need to show this to the world wow animareal
One Direction look set to knock Robbie William’s Swing Both Ways from the top of the Official Albums Chart this weekend with Midnight Memori...
One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D Zayn this was only giffed was once and it wasn't good enough tbh this moment is too perfect to let go so i giffed it myself lmao his position and facial expression wooooooo mama
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan edits one thing tomlinudesgif tomlinudesphotoset wow the colouring in this is horrible i had to lower the colours cause stupid tumblr wouldn't let me upload
doctor who Billie Piper Rose Tyler mygif seriously though BAD WOLF by katie the day of the doctor can we please talk about how this is supposedly just the interface with rose tyler's face look at the pain and the hurt on her face this is rose tyler not just her face for a split second she is actually rose tyler and when she realises that her doctor can't see her it hurts wow i hate this show
Liz Lemon 30 rock wow i'm so glad this show is back it's like i've been revived spoilers! - posting this now b/c i gotta go real soon
Jon was right outside the tower where two of his brothers were hiding Arya was right outside the door where her mother and brother were being murdered this is the closest any of the Starks have been in two seasons happy fucking Sunday, everyone
has anyone recently been hit with the revelation that john is going to see sherlock again he’s going to be confronted with someone that he should have never seen again and he is going to be angry and overjoyed and in shock but he’s going to wake up every morning after and think my best f...
This fandom is the best thing to ever happen to me. So, to show how grateful i am, i want to follow ...
mbf meeee reblog if you love this perfect angel: this carefree mofo: this homosexual slut: this boy that enjoys the roller coaster that is life: and lets not forget the sass queen: mbf meeeee i will check out all blogs that reblog this, and follow back that ones i like. I DONT CARE HOW MANY NO...
this show tho Orange is the new Black
mine john green vlogbrothers nerdfighters wow the quality on this video is awful
gif justin bieber megan believe tour wow this is dark the whole video was dark tho
one of these is a rick roll the rest are not choose wisely