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The Color Thesaurus
All from Ingrid’s Notes on Wordpress, direct link here.
Nicki Minaj music hip hop miley cyrus black news african american black women race cultural appropriation woc NY Times identities
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This probably beat the record for the number of anime refere...
LOL mine i think i'm a writer
A writer is a world trapped in a person.
mine m resource masterpost back to school resource masterlist school masterpost school masterlist mine: masterlist yooooooo i just made this in like 2 hours by getting together all my bookmarks so pls appreciate my hard work i am dead rn this has been edited: 14.8.14
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me LOL mine diary true Personal bullshit good fake adults okay journal bs write writer not good 6 junie b jones Grown Ups how are you 6 year old still feel this way junie b jones diary
LGBT lgbtq India bollywood trans women desi amir khan LGBTQ+ Satyamev jayate india lgbt indian trans women indian writer desi trans community desi lgbt
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New idea: if a guy responds to public breastfeeding with "so why can't I pull out my dick and ejacul...
Ask him if he intends to feed his sperm to children, and watch the conversation get real uncomfortable real fast as the asshole scrambles to compare an actual sexual organ to fatty tissue that contains nutritious milk.
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