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Write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head.
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Using the appropriate vocabulary in your novel
It is very important that the language in your novel reflects the time and place in which the story is set.For example, my story is set in Italy. My characters would never “ride shotgun”, a term coined in US in the early 1900s referring to riding alongside the driver with a shotgun to gun bandits. D...
52 short stories in 52 weeks
1. A story entitled “A New Beginning”.2. A story about rising to a challenge.3. A retelling of a fairytale.4. A story about three siblings.5. A story set in London.6.  A story about finding something that has been lost. 7. A story about a journey.8. A story set during a war.9. A creepy story.10. A...
  • reader reading smut:omg, good stuff, this is good stuff right here, hell yeah...
  • writer writing smut:...did I make them take off their shoes?
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Let’s talk about starting to write
A lot of first time writers come up with a great idea for a story but have no clue on how to start writing it. In this post i will try to give a couple of pointers on how to do just that. But first let me point out that there is no one way on how to begin your novel. I do not claim that how i do it ...
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update: the link should work now! im very sorry abt this haha hI’m not sure what most you guys write with these days, if the majority of you are still chugging along with good ol’ Microsoft Word or whatever, but let me introduce you to this beauty:Write! (look at this snazzy sleek website): This is ...
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I want your lips to paint poetry on my skin as my nails draw art on your back.
“How’s writing going so far?”
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how many more middle aged white men are you going to let become successful before you put your own work out there?
123 Ideas for Character Flaws
Absent-minded - Preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one’s immediate surroundings. Abstracted, daydreaming, inattentive, oblivious, forgetful. Abusive - Characterized by improper infliction of physical or psychological maltreatment towards another. Addict - One who is addicted to a compul...
I think the thing about missing someone is that it’s not constant.   You can go without thinking about them for days, weeks, months, years. ...